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Air Conditioning Installations Across The East Midlands

Our committed and professional team are able to provide expert air conditioning installation in Leicester, Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby. Working with all types of units, including Ducted/Bulk Head, Cassette, Floor/Ceiling, Outdoor, Multi-Split Systems and Wall Mounted, we can install your new equipment with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your home life or business operations.


Our skilled work force can undertake domestic and commercial air conditioning Nottingham. We can visit your home or commercial premises and offer site surveys and free quotations. We are keen to offer the benefit of our years of industry experience through informed guidance, and advising on the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your requirements, taking into account room size and budget available.


At Lake we can offer installation, maintenance and any other air conditioning Nottingham service for your business or home. We typically serve areas such as Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, as well as the surrounding towns including Mansfield, Chesterfield & Burton-on-Trent.

Domestic Air Conditioning Nottingham

Domestic air con units are perfect for the living room, conservatory, bedrooms and playrooms - in fact pretty much any requirement can be met with air conditioning.


It is a little known fact but air conditioning units will filter the air of pollutants such as dust and bacteria in addition to controlling humidity. This is essential in combating illness and those little sniffles we all suffer from occasionally, as well as tackling allergies. Modern equipment emits minimal noise too, meaning there is limited disturbance in the home and you can enjoy your surroundings in peace and quiet.


Air conditioning Nottingham heating systems will deliver up to three times the efficiency of traditional central heating as they transform energy into heat, as opposed to actually burning fuel. This will minimise usage and wastage, ensuring bills are kept to a minimum despite soaring energy prices. You would even be doing your bit for the environment too.


Many manufacturers now offer heating and cooling from the same unit, meaning homeowners can have a year-round solution from one cost-effective system. Climate control in a domestic setting has never been easier.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installations Nottingham

Commercial air conditioning is essential in maintaining a comfortable ambience in any office, shop or enterprise. Ensuring a consistent temperature will keep morale amongst staff high, and in retail premises will facilitate customers spending more time in-store – and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

Heating Air Conditioning

Heating air conditioning units are a highly cost-effective method of heating and cooling a property. As they extract warmth from external sources, they are more energy-efficient and as such will enable the user to slash their heating bills. AC heating and heat pumps are a far more than viable alternative to central heating systems.

Round flow designer panel white BYCQ140E
CTXM-R Air Conditioning

AC Heating

AC heating can cool and heat from one unit, which naturally means a lower initial investment heat, resulting in less initial investment as well as maintaining that all-important space in the home or office.


If you are in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby, Leicester and the rest of the East Midlands and seek the services of a professional and expert air conditioning Nottingham engineer why not give Lake a call today.

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